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Fence Building Tips and Tricks

So, you’ve decided you need a fence. So now what? Now it’s time to start thinking about a few important things, such as the layout of the fence; where you would like the gates to be located; if you would like to incorporate a double gate; and the style of the fence you would like.

Fence Force is of course happy to discuss any of your fence related questions. In fact, a big part of what makes us different is our extra effort to make sure you get a fence you are proud of! We are happy to come visit your property, and help you make some of those decisions, on a no-obligation and no-cost basis. When you call us, we can run through some of the options and things to think about with you. In case it helps however, here is a list of a few things you might want to consider.


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Are there any restrictions on what you can do?

Your local council will have rules and regulations about fence types, designs, heights, and fence placement. We can help provide some guidance on these requirements. Depending where you are buying, your property could also be subject to some restrictions placed on the property owners by the original developer. Again, we can help with this. 

Where does the fence need to go?

It is important to know where the boundaries are, and to ensure that you fence right along that line (rather than fencing on the neighbours property (effectively taking some of their land) or worse, fencing within your boundaries and giving part of your land to your neighbours! It may be that there is an existing fence in place and you feel comfortable about where the new fence needs to go. Note however that the fact a fence was there previously doesn’t mean it was in the correct place! If you have any doubts, look for the property survey markers. 

Access issues?

When you have an idea where the fence would go, think about what access you need to have across that fence line. If you don’t have any other access to the backyard for instance, it may be that you want to ensure there is a gate at least wide enough to allow you to fit the lawnmover/rubbish bins through, and also to move large items of furniture through on occasion. You might even want to get a trailer through sometimes? A bit of forward thinking can save a lot of regrets! 

What type of fence?

There are literally hundreds of variations in fence styles and construction materials. We have a number of different options shown on this website, but there are many more we can also discuss if you wish. The first thing to think about is what you want your fence to achieve. For example, is it mainly for security? Is it to keep your precious children and/or pets on the property? Are you looking for more privacy? Is wind protection important? Do you want to retain a particular view from your property? Aside from purpose, the best fence for you depends on a number of factors, including the type of property you have, how much maintenance you’re willing to do in future, and importantly, your own personal style! These are all things we can work with you on to find the best solution for you. Call us now to arrange a no-obligation consultation on what you have in mind and what other options might be possible!   

Go for quality

It may be tempting to let your choice of fence be influenced by cost. That is natural, but we recommend you simply remember that your fence is a key part of how your property will be perceived (affecting the value and desirability). Aside from that, a better designed and built fence, made using quality materials, will also last better. Cheap or poorly built fences are often prone to warp, rot, corrode and/or shift over time due to poor design, use of poor quality materials, and/or incorrect installation and poor building practice. As with many other things in life, the best long term decision is to go for the best you can afford. Note also however that our fencing specialists can still help keep costs down for you, by: - using their experience to choose the right materials for the conditions at your property, - using our trade connections to get the materials at a good price, - ensuring (by correct design and measurement) you don’t pay for materials you don’t need, and - making sure that the fence you get is correctly installed and treated to maximise its lifespan.   

You might not have to pay the full cost!

Something many people aren’t aware of is that you may be able to require your neighbour to contribute to the cost of the fence. The Fencing Act 1978 says that (subject to a few requirements and exceptions) “the occupiers of adjoining lands not divided by an adequate fence are liable to contribute in equal proportions to work on a fence”. This means that there is no fence between the properties at present, or if the existing fence is broken or just past it (it simply needs to no longer be “adequate”), you might be able to make your neighbour pay for half of the cost of the new fence! Even if you don’t actually want to make them cough up for a share, the fact you could do so may be a helpful negotiation point should they have different ideas about what sort of fence you should be putting up.



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